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Who we are

Japan Professional Alliance is a team of international accounting, tax and business professionals based in Tokyo, Japan.

Japan Professional Alliance was formed in 2016 and has been helping international clients with their accounting and tax challenges.

The management team at Japan Professional Alliance are former KPMG accounting experts with various industry experience in Japanese and international markets.

All work is led by bilingual CPAs, fluent in English and Japanese.

Meet Our Founders

Hironori Ido, Founder CEO

Japanese CPA | Tax Accountant

Hironori specializes in Japanese tax and accounting regulations. He is the CEO of Ido CPA Office, assisting hundreds of companies with their tax compliance and accounting challenges. Established in the 1970s by Hironori’s father, Ido CPA Office has served clients for over 50 years. Hironori started his professional career at KPMG (Tokyo) and spent 10 years working on auditing and consulting projects for mega international companies.

Kensaku Kimura, Founder COO

Japanese CPA | USCPA | CFA Charter Holder

Ken specializes in cross border accounting transactions and analysis of financial markets. He has been assisting startup companies in the digital asset space since 2016. He has also founded several startups himself, including a funding platform for small cap companies and a smart contract development company. Ken started his professional career at KPMG (Tokyo & NY) and spent 10 years working on auditing and consulting projects for mega international companies.
Hiroki Akiba

Hiroki Akiba, Founder CTO

Certified Member Analyst of SAAJ

Hiroki specializes in M&A and has over 30 years of experience acting as a financial advisor in many transactions done by top Japanese companies. He started his career at one of Japan’s largest banks and has held management positions at top global firms including; Arthur Anderson, BearingPoint, American Appraisal Japan, Huron. He has assisted companies from offices in New York and London, and is currently based in Tokyo.

Our Network

Our professional network within Japan spans across a wide range of business areas from finance to marketing.


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