Upcoming Changes to Japanese Consumption Tax in 2023

JCT Compliance 2023-1

Background If you have any business relationships with customers in Japan, you may have heard that Japanese Consumption Tax (JCT) will be going through significant changes in 2023. The TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read); Japanese Tax Authorities will be introducing the JCT Qualified Invoice System in 2023. Only Qualified Invoices can be deducted when your […]

Taxation of Crypto Assets (FAQ) – Links to Official NTA Releases

Crypto Tax FAQ - Official Links-1

Useful Links Towards Year End When Preparing for Crypto Tax in Japan Since 2017, the Japanese National Tax Agency (NTA) has been releasing an FAQ on how transactions involving bitcoin and crypto assets are taxed. Here are the links to the official releases by the NTA. The contents are in Japanese. Go to our Posts […]